Paddocks Farm is the company behind Verm-X – a 100% natural intestinal hygiene product for animals, which offers an alternative to chemical-laden, pharmaceutical formulations. The company believes in improving animal welfare and tackling the rapidly growing issue of resistance to pharmaceutical wormers and antibiotics.


Paddocks Farm, which launched Verm-X in 2002, was first awarded Ethical Accreditation in 2010 and undergoes an ethical audit every year to maintain their independently verified ethical company status.

Verm-X offers a large range of products which are made from pure, natural and non-GM ingredients and are approved for us on organic farms.  Verm-X products are used by equine enthusiasts, pet owners, smallholders and zoos.


To find out more about this natural alternative to intestinal challenges, and to see the full range of products, go to the Verm-X website.


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