Introduction to Ethical Travel

For most people a holiday is time out from the hassles and worries of everyday life, but unfortunately a break for us does not mean time off for the environment. As more holidaymakers choose to travel abroad, and the destinations they travel to become more remote, the impact of tourism on local residents, wildlife and the environment will continue to increase.

Climate change and eco-tourism

Air travel is thought to be one of the biggest causes of climate change, and with the rise of low-cost flights it is only set to get bigger. A return trip from London Heathrow to New York dumps over one and a half tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – that’s a lot of trees to replant in compensation. Many campaigners believe that although carbon offsetting (planting trees or aiding renewable energy projects to offset the damage caused by your flight) is a positive step for the environment, it is no comparison to not flying at all.

As an alternative to the traditional fortnight in the sun, many smaller companies are now offering eco-tourism packages, which enable holidaymakers to visit areas that are carefully managed to reduce the impact of their visit. Some ask visitors to help with conservation work in the area they stay in. It is possible, with careful planning, to have a relaxing and ethical holiday, and the Ethical Travel section has been designed to help you make the best choices.

Back at home, a car continues to be a necessity for many of us, at least until the day when public transport becomes universally available, affordable and on time. Nevertheless, it is possible to make the best of a bad situation: ignore the continuing trend for 4×4 ‘Chelsea tractors’ and investigate eco-friendly hybrid cars – such as those driven by Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio. In the ethical cars section there are details of the greenest cars on the market today – and, in the chapter on petrol stations, the greenest fuel to go with them.

Key Research

Below you will find links to the key sections of our ethical research in Travel:

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