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The Good Shopping Guide links to third-party sellers. However, The Good Shopping Guide does not sell products directly (unless otherwise stated or a direct agreement has been put in place between seller (Ethical Company Organisation, first-party) and customer/buyer (second-party). If you are interested in purchasing a product from any brand rated or reviewed on this website via the third-party retailers links that we offer, please understand that purchases made through these links are between you and the third-party retailer.

Third-party retailers linked on The Good Shopping Guide website are not associated with The Good Shopping Guide or the Ethical Company Organisation (parent company). The Good Shopping Guide is not responsible for the processing of payments. The Good Shopping Guide is not responsible for any aspect of your transaction, including the shipment of your order. If you have questions, concerns or issues with your purchase, you must contact the third-party website your purchased from.

When shopping at one of the third party retail sites linked on The Good Shopping Guide website, you are subject to that site’s privacy and security policies.


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Forum and Comments

The Good Shopping Guide employs similar comment and forum guidelines as that of The Guardian’s Community Standards. The Good Shopping Guide provides the opportunity for readers to discuss content we publish, or debate issues more generally. Messages and comments posted in the forums and underneath the articles represent the views of the respective posters. The Good Shopping Guide does not take any responsibility for the contents of message boards posts or comments, and cannot be held responsible for the content of any particular message – although moderation may be present to ensure our platform is inclusive, safe and free of discrimination, racism, spam, etc.


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