Colors of Nature – Ethically Accredited Company

Colors of Nature has been awarded Ethical Accreditation.

Colors of Nature ethical products provide artists, who are looking towards an environmentally sustainable future, with high-quality, prepared paints and art supplies that they can use with confidence to create beautiful and long lasting works of art. Their art supplies are made with real colours that reflect the true colours of nature and are made completely from natural ingredients. They are safe for artists, children, and the environment. The products are made in Canada and are formulated and tested to outperform petroleum-based conventional art supplies that are currently on the market. Colors of Nature products are guaranteed to be animal free, cruelty free, solvent free, carbon emissions-free and petroleum free. Their watercolour and children’s paints are ACMI certified with “AP Seal” that conforms to the ASTM D 4236 standard. Colors of Nature is a one-stop-shop for art supplies that meet high ethical standards and expectations.