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global investment

Global investment in climate fight reaches $1 trillion

It has been estimated that global investment in the fight against climate change has reached "at least one trillion dollars". As reported by the Guardian, investment includes things like renewable energy and th...
North Face

The North Face launches new ‘net-negative’ beanie

The North Face has launched a new beanie, which is said to be 'net-negative'. The material used is what the company has called "“Climate Beneficial™ wool", an essential item that allows for the production of th...

HSBC announces sustainable finance pledge

HSBC has come under a lot of criticism in recent years, not least when it comes to the UK bank's investments. Indeed, consistently ranked one of the least ethical banks in the UK according to our independent re...

Car manufactures collaborate to support growth in EVs

Some of the world's largest car manufactures have teamed up in what is being described as a pan-European initiative to support the growth in use of EVs.The collaborative effort includes such global names li...
Nike tax-avoidance

Report: Nike criticized for dodgy tax practices

Another massive multinational is being accused of dodgy tax practices. This time it is Nike, one of the most globally recognized fashion brands.An exposé has been published by the Guardian, based on the Par...