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Review: Why the force is with Po-Zu

It isn't often we get to write about shoes - not to mention ethical footwear. In fact, this is only our second review of a shoe brand. But with the re...
Galaxy s8
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Review: Samsung Galaxy S8

It has been a few months since the Samsung Galaxy S8 was released. As things stand, the S8 is quite clearly the best looking handset currently on the ...
ethical chocolate
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Divine Chocolate – Review

Divine is a Fairtrade chocolate company which is 44% owned by cocoa farmers. As a growing chocolate brand that deserves significant recognition, we re...
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Neal’s Yard Skincare Products – Review

Neal’s Yard Remedies offers a range of products across the health and beauty sectors. In this review, we’ll be focusing mainly on the brand’s range of...
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Acer Laptops and Desktops – Review

Acer offers a wide range of products. From notebooks, desktops and tablets to smartphones and monitors. In this review, we’ll be focusing on the brand...
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Fat Face – Review

Our review of Fat Face will consider two important criteria: product quality and overall ethics.Originally launched in 1988, the Fat Face story is...
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Fairphone 2 – Review

Alright, we know, this review is late to the party. Fairphone 2 has been out for almost a year, and in that time all of the major tech reviewers have ...